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Silicone in the food sector

Silicone in the food sector takes a very important role. It lacks smell or taste. The quality of being able to be in contact with food without generating migrations of toxic agents, makes it the star article for the transport of food, kitchen utensils, etc... We can find it in countless food applications

We have FDA food certification for our silicone.

Outdoors it can be found in the transport of liquids for human consumption, dairy products, irrigation ... and indoors as part of food filling machines in beverage plants, such as food conveyor, surfaces where food baking, etc... Due to its characteristics of optimal behavior against heat, anti adhesion, deformation, aging and permeability, it is guaranteed that the useful life is high. Due to its characteristics of optimal behavior against heat, anti adhesion, deformation, aging and permeability, it is guaranteed that the useful life is high.

In Merefsa we can design any project, test and customize according to the needs of our customers.

Silicone strengths

Silicone strengths

Mechanics: great resistance to deformation, both in its compact and sponge formulation, being ideal for sealing and maintaining tightness in pipe joints, pressure cookers, pasteurization tanks. Platinum silicone, for example, is used in extreme working conditions, with high mechanical resistance, transparency, sterilization and hygiene.

Thermal: unbeatable response to temperatures -60 ° C to 300 ° C makes it essential in the kitchen and in ovens. The steam silicone is ideal for working conditions that are moist heat and pressure (steam).

Chemical: It lacks taste and smell. Attend, to specific formulations of hardness, color, transparency etc ... It can adapt to any design.

Where is it used?

Where is it used?

In outdoors,in the livestock sector for the transport of dairy products, in agriculture for irrigation, transport of drinking water, etc ... Indoors, we can find this material as components of design elements, products for cooking, in food machinery, pastry, food and beverage vending machines, oven manufacturers, applications in magnetic fields in food, ...

Aplicaciones: such as food moulds, packaging, cutlery, machinery pipes for the filling of beverages, conveyor belts, food service machines, cooking sheets, profiles for the sealing of furnace doors, joints of pressure cookers, of coffee makers, food processing machinery boards, milk product transport tubes, water, pipes for irrigation systems, etc...

Applied Products

Applied Products

Applied Products:

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ED Empleo
Consorcio del Caucho
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